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Based in Brasilia, Brazil

Release date:
July 27, 2017

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The sequel to Knights of Pen and Paper, now roleplaying in the late 90’s, with dial-up internet chat based campaigns and a sci-fi thematic. The game has a more elaborate turn-based combat system, wider character and campaign customization, space explo-ration, spaceship battles and the already expected humored narrative.


By the end of Chroma Squad production and with the Knights of Pen and Paper IP sold to Paradox Interactive, Behold's team wanted to go back to the franchise with the sci-fi twist. It was time to get in contact with Paradox and start working at Galaxy of Pen and Paper. The publisher ended up leaving the project midway though it's development leading the team to self-publish the title and it's expansion.


  • Dozons of hours long pen and paper RPG simulation experience.
  • Put together your own role-playing group complete with the game master, the role-players and their respective classes.
  • Fight your way through the galaxies with spaceship battles, plannets explorations and a light hearted narrative.
  • Level up your players to unlock new skill synergies and gather new and better gear.
  • As the game master, set up the fights yourself and choose how difficult it will be.


Trailer YouTube

Live about it's development YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie MEGABOOTH selected" PAX, 2017
  • "Big Booth selected" BIG Festival, 2017
  • "Best Audio winner 🏆" SBGames, 2017
  • "Best Game by Tachnical Jury winner 🏆" SBGames, 2017
  • "Best Narrative nominee " SBGames, 2017
  • "Best Mobile Game winner 🏆" Canaltech, 2018
  • "Best Brazilian Game nominee " BIG Festival, 2017
  • "Best Game nominee " BIG Festival, 2017
  • "Best Narrative winner 🏆 " Indie Prize - Casual Connect Serbia, 2018
  • "Best Indie Game nominee " Indie Prize - Casual Connect Serbia, 2018
  • "Best Indie Game nominee " Indie Prize - Casual Connect China, 2018
  • "Best Narrative nominee " Indie Prize - War of Awards, 2019

Selected Articles

  • " Behold Studios has kicked things up a notch for this game [Galaxy of Pen and Paper]. The music and presentation are a cut above the older games, the humor is on point, and they’ve worked in a special system for ship battles."
    - Mike Fahey, Kotaku
  • " It's slick, it's superbly polished, and the new ideas it throws into the mix will have you enthralled from the first digital dice-roll to the last."
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • " Galaxy of Pen and Paper comes off as though the developer is putting back on a comfortable pair of sneakers. "
    - Shaun Musgrave, Touch Arcade

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About Behold Studios

Behold Studios is a small indie game development studio from Brasilia, capital of Brazil. The award-winning studio was founded in 2009 and its main focus is PC, Mobile and Consoles. Currently working on Out of Space, they are mostly known for their previous games Knights of Pen and Paper and Chroma Squad.

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Galaxy of Pen and Paper +1 Edition Credits

Saulo Camarotti

Klos Cunha
Producer and Game Designer

Guilherme Mazzaro
Game Designer

Leonardo Prunk

Bruno Poli

Anderson Cardoso

Marcos Pereira

Betu Souza

Hugo Vaz

Bruno Briseno

Thiago Marten

Raphael Müller (EZ Audio Labs)
Composer, Sound Designer

Tiago Rech

Vítor Malcher
Community Manager

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